Foul projectile discharge alert! (hardvice) wrote in matchingrebequa,
Foul projectile discharge alert!

matchingrebequa Class Reunion

I really miss this community. I met some of my best LJ buds here. Curse you, LJ, for killing the match feature!

Anyway, I thought we might have a new post wherein everybody can pop back in and let all of their fellow Re'bequaheads know what's going on in their life. I'd start, but my life is pretty darned boring, unless you count that brief stint as an MI-6 field operative.
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i still curse lj for taking that feature away from me. i am shaking my fist at them right now, as a matter of fact.

that's mostly what i've been doing lately. wandering the streets muttering to myself and shaking my fist at those things which instigate anger within me.

I miss you guys.