Violet, Queen Of Everything (violetiae) wrote in matchingrebequa,
Violet, Queen Of Everything

Match Feature

In the March Status Report on the main Livejournal entry page, they say that Livejournal has brought back some previously-disabled features and will "be working on bringing back other features we’ve disabled in the past".

One of the responses to this status report was from a member requesting that the match feature be brought back. As you all know, matchingrebequa relied on this feature to get new members. We were able to connect with interesting people we probably wouldn't have found on LJ if it weren't for us all being drawn here by having Rebequa as a common match.

Ever since the feature was disabled (nearly a year ago), things have been pretty stagnant here.

If you want this feature brought back, please consider popping over and leaving a comment on the entry.
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