Intransphonemia (intransphonemia) wrote in matchingrebequa,

dear to whom it may concern,

you know what's great?
those little easy bake ovens. you know whats not great? the fact that THEY DONT MAKE THEM ANYMORE.
thats right
no more fresh baked goodness
no more hapiness
no more
addictive muffins
with cheap pink frosting that tastes vaguely like bicycle grease

so the time has come
i must now depart.
it is my time

this is not just a suicide note. this is a message from our lord. and a plea from the depths of my cholesterol coated soul


p.s. none of you are in my will. suckers
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though, i doubt i will ever again come in contact with bicycle grease frosting.

not that i know what bicycle grease tastes like or anything. . .
i used to just take the packets of brownie/cupcake/etc mix and eat the contents.
when i had real things in my interest list, i had knickers too

did you go to interlochen?
You lie. They still make them. They even change the colors of the ovens every few years to keep them looking hip.
my night and shining armor

i love four armed hermaphrodites. i even have a few in my basement
It's true, they do still make them. My daughter has one and she occasionally lets me sample the goodies she makes. Might just as well inject sugar straightaway into my veins. Ha!