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This is entirely random, as many people seem to be. I, too, have rebequa on my match list. She's been there for a long time, I just never bothered to go wading through all the people on there. Strange.

As for my one interest to go onto the list: thinking

I don't think it's on there. ^^;

*blinks* I think I have a lot of YOU on my list, too, come to think of it.
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ok, this may seem super random, but hella, this is a super random community, so random works...
i noticed you're from ontario...a really really good band is playing three show out there in the next few days and i thought i'd spread the word...

Friday July 4
Kool Haus
132 Queen's Quay East TORONTO, ON
$18.50/$22, 8 PM

Sunday July 6
Club Denim
909 Lakeshore Boulevard West GUELPH, ON
$16, 7 PM

Monday July 7
The Drink Nightclub
60 Wharncliffe Road North LONDON, ON
$16, 7 PM

for band info: http://www.thematches.com
they're from oakland and they rock more than...uh, matching re'bequa...
ha ha.

oh yeah. welcome to the community...
Aww, I'm WAY too far from Toronto. :( Starving student! I'm about five hours from there. :p
ack. well, it was worth a shot to inform you...

ha ha...i swear just saying "i'm in college" is the same as saying "i'm damn poor"...starving student reminded me of that...i understand, totally.