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matchingrebequa's Journal

People Who Match Re'bequa
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This is a very new (3/27/03) community for people who find rebequa on their "By Interest" match page.

Do you match Re'bequa? Type your username in to find out:

There are a lot of folks that have her showing up on their similar match page (this is an understatement) and we've sort of developed the amusing hobby of keeping an eye on her apparently-abandoned journal as more and more people who match her turn up and post there. It's been very entertaining.

If we have interests similar to her, we must also have many interests similar to each other, so it seemed like a built-in community just begging to bust loose.

If you match, tell your friends to see if they match Re'bequa, too. The more, the merrier!

Each member is invited to list one of the interests they share in common with Re'bequa (the first 150 unique mentions will make up the community interest list). If you've listed your interest and I neglect to include it here, let me know:

rkt: cheese.
aberrantvirtue: stars.
alcyon: writing.
amaltheagray: cigarettes.
anatolian: fire.
anthologie: honesty.
jenny_rambles: museums.
ashesoflovers: velvet.
beyondhope: creativity.
firemaiden: drama.
bitbybit: laughter.
candicide: Depeche Mode.
demon_pandora: dancing.
dimlight23: photography.
elyusian: Bjork.
ewin: boots.
feliciahime: poetry.
geekwannabe: storms.
haligh: magic.
hardvice: Sylvia Plath.
hermi: garbage.
hyounpark: meditation.
hypntizethemoon: rain.
vivacita: feminism.
jeasus: bisexuality.
toosadtoswing: nine inch nails.
lindsey_nichole: road trips.
little_oblivion: books.
lonesomeoctober: David Bowie.
martinhesselius: mythology.
matchingrebequa: rebequa's journal.
midnightt: art.
mirrorslie: pj harvey.
mitzamischieff: the ocean.
monkiegrrrl: Monty Python.
ms_hecubus: Kids in the Hall.
mslazarus: passion.
muddyslush: alcohol.
mystikal1: dreaming.
netherfreak: humor.
piezo: intelligence.
sage_and_sea: coffee.
robotgrl: tattoos.
rockgoddess: angels.
sabinenotagoth: vinyl.
sacred_ikon: chocolate.
sauron_gorthaur: bondage.
solemnrayne: Fight Club.
sophiaserpentia: bdsm.
splashed: water.
thewhitegirl: concerts.
uniquelynormal: hair dye.
aniccata: fashion.
violetiae: Tori Amos.
wildkatfalling: laughing.
wynterrouge: sushi.
xiombarg: surrealism.
zoloft: sleep.